Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Ride to Kessler

Last night, a group of guys rode from Hilltop Bicycles (Hb) to Kessler to wish Dennis a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Dennis!

As the story is told, Ed Coad went into the lobby and told the woman at the desk that there were a few people waiting to see Dennis. Upon asking how many, he said "Oh...about 20 or so..." Ed then motioned to the group... and in they came.

We're fairly certain this was a first for Kessler. :)

Packing into the elevator to make their grand entrance
We wish we all could have been there. What a special night.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Dennis!

You handsome gents are quite a crew! Many thanks to Big Mike (Stultz) for taking the pictures. These pics will no doubt have all of Team McGorty smiling. :)

The Hammer Ride Fleet

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