Friday, March 21, 2014

Team McGorty's Next Chapter

We've come a long way in the 10 months since the accident and we want to say thank you. The support we received after the accident was incredible, like white blood cells rushing to the site of an injury, you surrounded us, the surge of love and support we received was immediate and truly made an impact. A special thank you also to Holy Trinity Church who has been central to us stabilizing and moving forward.

Today, Dennis continues to surpass expectations of what recovery we were told to even dare hope for. Through continued rehab, he has regained full hip movement (critical for stepping), and the beginnings of knee movement. A long, uncertain road ahead, but big progress. We’re hopeful of more to come.

Also, Dennis is back on the road, driving our car outfitted with hand controls. Up next: a handcycle to get him back out there cycling this summer! He's been training on the stationary handcycle at Kessler. This week he set a new personal record for a 10K and continues to push himself to ride further and faster.

The kids, they are doing great.

While there are still things to figure out, we’ve reached a new phase where we're ready to evolve what Team McGorty is about and are asking for your support in new ways.

Going forward, we'll be donating Team McGorty funds to organizations leading the charge in progressive spinal cord research and rehabilitation. This is the best and biggest impact way to help Dennis and the six million other people in the US living with paralysis. There is real reason for hope, real solutions on the horizon. They just need more support to bring them over the finish line.

Two organizations that Team McGorty will be supporting are the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and NextStep Both are leading the way in delivering results and hope. Both have been instrumental in helping us navigate this journey and give us infinite optimism for the future.

Some people have said they want to help us directly. Supporting these organizations is the best way to do that--a cure is better than any other type of support we could receive. We also know that people want to help in a way that is transparent; we have set up mechanisms to make this possible. We'll know when someone makes a Team McGorty donation and see the aggregation of support. Also, donations are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching programs. : )

We are very excited about partnering with Reeve and NextStep. Check out the updated site with links to both these organizations to learn more or donate.

More good things to come!

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