Thursday, September 12, 2013

4 to 500+

People who know us well know that long before Dennis’ accident, there was a Team McGorty. It was a term we used with the kids to help them understand that sometimes it’s about them, and sometimes it’s about the team—the family. This came into play in situations like Saturday mornings when going to Home Depot or the supermarket didn’t seem like the most exciting outing, so we’d explain, we need to do these things now for Team McGorty, and then this afternoon we’ll go to the playground, pool, etc.

A few weeks ago Declan, our five-year old was having a rough day. We had moved, there were lots of things to get done, lots of change, and it was a hard day for him. I reminded him that we needed to do the things we were doing because it was important for our family, Team McGorty, and reminded him of what a special role he plays in that team. I went on to share with him how lucky we are, our original Team McGorty—mommy, daddy, Declan and Lorelei—had grown from 4 to almost 500. His mood instantly turned around. He was all smiles. It makes me, Dennis and Lorelei smile too.

Throughout our journey since the accident, people have commented that we are strong, but the truth is that it’s our team, all of you, who give us the strength to not just focus on the day to day, but the big picture—to defy expectations for Dennis’ recovery and treat it as a mountain to climb versus a life sentence.

We are grateful and want to say thank you. Our journey is just beginning and we are honored to have you on it with us.

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